Welcome to Obamageddon 

By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and Author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian”

One has to wonder if congratulations are in order for President Obama? The U.S. economy is in ruins, the country in crisis, the world in chaos. Was this all a purposeful plan, or is Obama simply an inexperienced, incompetent, bumbling Inspector Clouseau in the White House?

From the day of Obama's election, many concerned patriots have warned about Obama’s goals. Obama is a follower of radical Marxist strategy, like Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and Cloward and Piven’s strategy of overwhelming the system to create economic crisis and chaos.

Based on those strategies, one would be foolish not to at least wonder whether Obama's goal from the start was to wreck capitalism; redistribute wealth by punishing, penalizing and demonizing the wealthy; force Americans to their knees to beg for help from big government; and then in response to those pleas, put government in control over every aspect of our lives.

Examine the state of the union and the world under President Obama. Judge for yourselves whether we are in a state of Obamageddon.

The United States is broke. Bankrupt. Insolvent. We’ve spent more and increased the debt more dramatically during the past two years than any anytime in history. Alarm bells are ringing with the news that our deficit for February was the highest in history ($223 billion). The U.S. government now borrows 42 cents of every dollar it spends and has run a deficit 29 months in a row -- a modern record. The debt is now so immense that if the IRS taxed every U.S. citizen 100%, we still could not achieve a balanced budget. If we add in unfunded liabilities, we couldn’t balance the budget if we all paid 100% taxes FOREVER. Obamageddon?

States, counties and cities are more broke and insolvent than the federal government. California is so broke, illegal immigrants are being caught sneaking into Mexico. Bill Gross, CEO of the biggest bond fund in the world, just sold all his U.S. municipal bond holdings and invested the proceeds in emerging bond funds. So Bill Gross now trusts African nations and Brazil more than U.S. bonds.

Real unemployment is close to 20%, a number not seen since the first Great Depression. Small business -- which creates around 80% of all new jobs -- continues to struggle. Only days ago Robb & Stucky, an upscale national furniture chain in business for 95 years, filed bankruptcy and announced it was closing all stores immediately. The famous Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas also announced it’s closing its doors after a 59 year run. Even a combined 154 years of success is no match for Mr. Obama's economic gameplan. Unless one starts to think that perhaps failure and crisis are the gameplan.

We have a union crisis in this country with Obama’s best friends and biggest campaign contributors -- government employee unions -- pitted against private sector taxpayers. In Wisconsin, this crisis has led to protests, work stoppages, and threats on the lives of union opponents.

The housing market is in dreaded “Double Dip” territory, with declines actually accelerating across the country. Commercial real estate is so bad, landlords are begging the banks to take their keys and take back the properties. The banks are saying, "No, thanks. You keep it."

Real inflation -- including food and energy prices -- is skyrocketing. The Fed is printing hundreds of billions of dollars to buy America’s own bonds, which even China now refuses to buy. If the Fed continues to debase the currency, bond holders will demand higher interest rates to compensate for higher inflation. Since America owes a $14 trillion debt compounded with an annual $2 trillion deficit, any rise in interest rates would increase payments on the debt to the breaking point. Interest payments would crowd out all other forms of government spending.

Under Obama, we are more energy dependent on the Middle East- a region in flames. Oil has skyrocketed to over $100 per barrel, yet Obama refuses to allow any new drilling, exploration, or construction of new refineries on U.S. soil. Does this seem like a reasonable man with America’s best interests in mind? Or someone bringing about a crisis to purposely bring the U.S. economy to its knees?

Our southern border is in crisis with drug wars, violence, and murders spilling out into the United States. Border agents are out-gunned and out-manned. Obama's reaction? Sue the state of Arizona for defending its own border. Is this a reasonable reaction, or a man looking for a crisis?

In the meantime, we have become a nation on the dole. A record 45 million Americans are on food stamps. One-sixth of all personal income in the USA is now provided by government. Are we building a future for our children to be productive and competitive in this world? Obama’s own Education Secretary announced days ago that 82% of all public schools are failing. What would you expect from a President owned by the teacher unions?

Can it get worse? Sure, the NFL could go on strike and we wouldn’t even have football as a distraction anymore. Uh oh.

The country formerly known as the United States of America is now the Crisis States of America. All we can say to Obama is congratulations -- "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED."

It really doesn't matter if Obama is doing this on purpose or not. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Welcome to Obamageddon.

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By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and Best-Selling Author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian”

It’s funny how life works. Even when I agree with Barack Obama, I am still offended by his Big Brother attitude and Nanny State goon tactics. Obama’s actions remind me of a dictator who thinks he knows better than you or me. Last week, President Barack Obama erased any doubt that he sees himself as “King Supreme Ruler” rather than as the elected servant of the American people. Obama declared he would not defend a law passed by the Congress of the United States called DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).

As a well-known Libertarian-conservative and States' Rights activist, I believe the federal government has no place in the debate on marriage. If any government should be involved (and I don't think they should be), it is a States’ Rights issue and should only be decided on the state and local level. DOMA tramples on States Rights in violation of the Constitution.

But Obama's support of my opinion makes me feel no better. One could respect his argument that DOMA is unconstitutional if Obama was a consistent defender of the Constitution. But Obama is about power and pleasing his biggest political contributors, not upholding the rule of law. If Obama was frank with the American people he would simply state, “I am your king, your ruler. Congress is irrelevant and the Constitution is a meaningless piece of paper. I will tell you what laws are good for you.” Obama knows little about truth. He received an Ivy League degree in speaking out of both ends of his mouth. And a Masters Degree in the art of “weapons of mass distraction.”

Obama's decision was pure politics. And a perfect distraction while the economy and global security melts down. The national debt is mounting; cities and states are bankrupt; the dollar is headed for oblivion; gas prices escalate out of control; real unemployment heads for a staggering 20%; the Middle East is in flames; our border is undefended. To a master of deception like Obama, this is the perfect time to distract the media and the masses. Change the topic. Open the fight on another front. Confuse, misdirect, and overwhelm the opposition, while simultaneously rewarding a group that contributes heavily to Democratic causes. Right out of Obama’s favorite book, “Rules for Radicals.”

But don’t buy into Obama’s propaganda. This has nothing to do with the Constitution. If Obama cared about the Constitution, he’d be refusing to support many of his own bills. After all, there is nothing constitutional about Obamacare. Forcing consumers to buy a product (health insurance), with the threat of government (fine or prison), is certainly unconstitutional.

If the Constitution mattered, Obama certainly could not consider giving waivers to opt out of Obamacare to unions across America. He certainly could not attempt to set price controls on doctors, insurance companies, and medical device manufacturers. He could not support Cap and Trade. What role does the Constitution allow for government to take control over private industry?

What about bailouts? Is it constitutional to steal taxpayer money from the treasury to hand out to companies that wrote the biggest checks to your Presidential campaign?

How about Card Check? You think it’s constitutional to enrich 7% of the population (union employees) who happen to send hundreds of millions in contributions to Obama, all balanced on the backs of the other 93% of the population? Is it constitutional to accomplish this by taking away the rights of employees to vote in secret? I wonder if it's constitutional to be a President and union hack at the same time?

And then there’s Obama’s obsession with banning oil drilling. Recently, a federal judge called Obama’s de facto ban “unreasonable, unacceptable and unjustified.” Obama’s unconstitutional disregard for the rule of law could threaten the security and stability of the entire U.S. economy.

It certainly can’t be States Rights’ that Obama is concerned with. Afterall, he is currently suing the state of Arizona, interfering with their constitutional right to protect their own border and citizens. Amazingly, Mexico has joined the suit. Do you think it’s constitutional for our President to be suing one of our own states, with Mexico as a partner?

So why start quoting the Constitution with DOMA? In the middle of the Great Depression II and a Middle East meltdown, why choose gay marriage as the issue to draw the line in the sand? What would the media’s reaction have been if President Bush had decided he would no longer defend the Civil Rights Voting Act on constitutional grounds? Yet in this case, we hear only deafening silence from the media.

No matter that for the first time, Obama and I are on the same side of an issue. His handling of DOMA is simply an extension of his non-stop Big Brother power grab through the appointment of radical czars; blatant disregard for the rule of law (see his handling of the GM and Chrysler bankruptcies); and implementing rules, regulations, and policies that bypass the Congress and the will of the American people.

Our President can cite his new found appreciation for the Constitution all he wants. But from his actions as President, it’s clear he wouldn’t know the Constitution if it hit him in the face. This man considers the American people “serfs” and himself our King and dictator. As my father, the common-sense blue-collar butcher, used to say, “Don’t listen to what he says, watch what he does.”

Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of "The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts." His web site: www.ROOTforAmerica.com

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A Teachable Moment: How Obama Would Solve the NFL Labor Crisis 

By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and Best-Selling Author of "The Conscience of a Libertarian"

Some are now suggesting that President Obama get involved in the NFL strike talks. I was his college classmate at Columbia University and have studied his political career for years. My record of predicting where Obama will come down on the side of an issue and what lie he will tell to rationalize his decision is near perfect. Just call me “The Obama Whisperer.”

Here’s a quick lesson in how he thinks:

First, Obama is a Socialist who believes in the redistribution of wealth. He hates those who have worked hard and earned money -- unless they give him massive campaign contributions.

Second, he’s a union hack, who will do anything for unions, even break the law and violate the Constitution -- at least for those unions that give him massive campaign contributions. Don’t believe me? Ask the shareholders and banks that loaned billions to GM and Chrysler, only to see their ownership and legal contracts erased by Obama in order to hand ownership to the unions that destroyed the automakers in the first place.

Third, like a true Socialist, Obama believes government has the solution to every problem, and that solution is more government and higher taxes, combined with a prescription of social justice and affirmative action.

Based on his lifetime body of work, here is how I predict Obama will settle the NFL labor crisis:

Like ”Cap and Trade,” Obama will produce scientists to declare that football is a dangerous sport threatening the health and welfare of the players. He'll then pass “Helmet and Trade” legislation putting government in control of football -- setting salaries for players, prices for fans, and giving new powers to the NFL players union.

Never letting a serious crisis go to waste, Obama will then pass legislation called "NFLCare" that demands that the NFL pay for the lifetime pension and healthcare of the players, paid for with massive new taxes on the NFL and its fans. The doctors who treat the NFL players will have caps placed on their fees. Of course this will lead to shortages of doctors and rationing, so eventually NFL Limb Panels will be set up to decide who gets a new knee, or shoulder, or hip. These decisions will be based on years of player life expectancy remaining, or the size of contributions to the Obama campaign.

He’ll then decide what income is “fair” and what is “greedy,” placing wage controls on players. Obama will say, “There is no longer a need for million dollar salaries. After all, just like government union employees, I’m going to guarantee NFL players -- even the failed ones -- pensions of $100K per year for life and free healthcare. We’ll call it ’NFL Tenure.’ It's like a government job -- a guaranteed job for life, without any performance necessary.”

Like American businesses, players will react to lower wages and higher taxes by leaving the USA to play football in Canada and Europe, destroying the NFL. Obama, of course, will blame the “greedy NFL owners” for sending American jobs offshore and pass a huge tariff on each player leaving the USA.

Then, Obama will state proudly, “We’ve got to spread the wealth around” and pass ”NFL Financial Reform,” requiring ninety-five percent of revenues be redistributed to employees, vendors, peanut salesmen, ticket takers, security, and parking lot attendants. A peanut vendor will be seen crying and telling a reporter, “I’ll never have to worry about paying rent or putting gas in my car ever again.”

But, Obama is just getting started. Fifty percent ownership of NFL teams will be turned over to the Players Union, just as in the case of GM and Chrysler. Obama will state, “The working man needs a stake in his own future.” This legislation will also demand teams have a minority owner in their ownership group and 50% of all NFL contracts be awarded to minority owned businesses. Not losing the opportunity for a teachable moment, Obama will say, “The NFL must reflect the diversity of America. It is time for the ownership, players, and contractors to reflect social justice. To get this party started correctly, I have fired Commissioner Goodall and appointed Reverend Al Sharpton as Commissioner of the NFL.”

Next he’ll pass rules limiting work hours for players and declare off-season workouts as “overtime.” The White House will set up a Toll Free (800) number for players to call the Bar Association, one of Obama’s leading contributors, who will provide lawyers free of charge to sue NFL teams within hours of a reported violation.

Finally, various new taxes will be imposed including "draft taxes,” “trade taxes,” and a "championship tax" (doubling taxes on Playoff teams; tripling on the Super Bowl winner). He’ll impose VAT taxes on everything bought at the games and a "wealthy fan confiscation tax” for prime, sideline seats. Skyboxes, of course, will be seized for the use of government officials, bureaucrats, politicians, and Obama campaign contributors.

At this point NFL owners will plead insolvency and threaten bankruptcy. Obama will ask “So, what’s in it for me?” Understanding EXACTLY what he means the owners will make massive campaign contributions to Obama and receive billion dollar bailouts from the U.S. Treasury as part of his next “stimulus” package.

Problem solved. NFL Strike/lockout averted. Obama has done it again. How did business survive before Obama?

Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of "The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts." His web site: www.ROOTforAmerica.com

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Comparing the Life of a Government Employee with the Private Sector 

By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and Best-Selling Author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian”

The world is backwards. It should be the taxpayers striking in the streets of Wisconsin. But, private sector taxpayers can’t afford to take a day off, let alone a week. Doesn’t that say everything? Only government employees with their powerful unions, lifetime job security, short work-weeks, loads of sick days, nonstop holidays, early retirement, and bloated pensions, can afford to stand in the street protesting. Common sense tells us anyone with this much time to protest and the ability to abandon their work duties, is greatly overpaid.

It’s time for a reality check. These $100,000 per year teachers keep talking about “the kids.” Exactly who is teaching those kids while their teachers abandon their jobs and commit fraud with fake doctor’s notes? If they cared about the kids, they’d be in the classroom. They’d leave the striking and lobbying to their union leaders and lobbyists. It’s the students (and their parents) who should be on strike. Wisconsin teachers are the highest paid in the Midwest, but their students’ performance hasn’t improved. Where’s the taxpayer’s union? Where's the students' union? Are students and taxpayers getting their money’s worth? Perhaps they should be on strike.

I’m a small businessman. Like all private sector workers, I have no time to protest or strike. Take a day off? How could I do that? I run a business. People depend on me. I’m on call 24/7/365, weekends, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. Vacations are “working vacations.” The phones never stop ringing, the emails never slow down. I have to work 16-hour days just to pay my taxes. Who benefits? Those government employees protesting in the streets of Wisconsin.

Is it fair that government employees can be paid as much as 70% more than the same jobs in the private sector? Is it fair that private sector taxpayers work to age 65, 75, or even longer, to pay obscene taxes, so government employees can retire at age 50, with bloated pensions? Does any of this make sense?

These public “servants” claim this is a battle for “the middle class.” Let me assure you, in the private sector a $100,000 per year job with paid medical, early retirement, and thirty (or more) years of pension is:
A) As far from “middle class” as you can get…
B) Very rare, if not non-existent.

Call me old fashioned, but the system has been rigged. Here in Las Vegas firefighters average $199,000 per year in compensation. Yes, you heard correctly. Quite a few have income of over $300,000. One fireman took 48 sick days, and still took home $232,187. Another is headed to prison for trying to have sex with underage girls. He’ll get his $200,000 pension while in prison. It’s happening all over the country. This isn’t “middle class,” it’s a privileged class. This is no more about “middle class rights” than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett fighting over caviar.

My father in law, Ralph Parks, was a hospital CEO for 30+ years. He managed a hundred million dollar institution with hundreds of employees. He was on emergency call at all hours of the day or night, holidays, weekends, birthdays, vacations. Ralph rarely enjoyed a real day off. In his best years, he was paid just over $100,000. He received no pension or lifetime healthcare. He saved money for his own retirement. He had no tenure and could be fired at any time. At age 59, he lost his CEO job. Soon thereafter he had a stroke and heart problems. He never worked again. That’s the way it works in the private sector. There are no guarantees. Why are these government employees guaranteed a job for life? Are they better, or more deserving than Ralph Parks? Why don’t they keep, or lose their jobs, based on performance?

More importantly, please explain to me how millions of government employees on the local, state, and federal level; who get holidays, weekends, and in some cases the entire summer off; without CEO job responsibilities; take no midnight phone calls; never have to risk their own money (as entrepreneurs in the private sector do); and have a guaranteed lifetime job; deserve $100,000 compensation, plus early retirement, and free medical care and pension for life – all on the back of true working class taxpayers? How is that possible? How does it make fiscal or moral sense for an average government employee to be paid more than a CEO? The answer is, of course, it doesn’t make sense. It’s “government logic.” You see it’s your money, not theirs. So the politicians don’t care.

It’s the taxpayers and business owners who should be in the streets protesting, shouting, pumping fists, screaming “SHAME.” But, of course, we’re not in the streets protesting. We have no time for strikes. We’re too busy working for a living, paying the taxes that fund the bloated salaries and pensions of government employees.

This sad story is at the heart of what has damaged the U.S. economy, created a national debt of $100 trillion (counting unfunded liabilities), and has cities, counties, and states on the verge of economic Armageddon.

Please understand that if we don't get government employee unions under control, we face disaster. All of us lose. And good luck with those $100,000 pensions. Soon $100,000 may buy you a loaf of bread.

Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of "The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts." His web site: www.ROOTforAmerica.com

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It’s Time for a REAGAN Moment: Wisconsin Teachers-- “YOU’RE FIRED!” 

By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and Best-Selling Author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian”

Ronald Reagan stood up to the Air Traffic Controllers and in response to the threat of a strike simply fired them all. Can you imagine? Air Traffic Controllers- unique individuals with rare and valuable skills, thought irreplaceable, fired en masse. And we never noticed. Supervisors filled their shoes for months, while new ones were trained. Not a single accident. What happened to those Air Traffic Controllers who lost today’s equivalent of $100,000 per year jobs? Few ever found a job with that kind of pay again.

It’s time for a Reagan moment in Wisconsin. The average Milwaukee teacher compensation at retirement age is about $100,000 per year. Yes, I said $100,000. That’s not being reported on the nightly news, now is it? And, what good is all that bloated compensation doing? Milwaukee has a depressing 68% graduation rate. Two-thirds of Wisconsin 8th graders read below grade level.

That $100K annual teacher’s compensation is the highest in the Midwest. Yet, during a ten-year period, while Wisconsin teacher salaries rose dramatically, students saw no improvement. None. Proving once again, taxpayers, students and parents get nothing in return for higher teacher pay. Who spends the most on teacher pay? California and Washington D.C. -- all for dismal results.

Government employee unions, teacher unions in particular, have to be the only business (or should I say “racket") that asks for raises for horrible performance. The worse they do, the more they ask for. It’s always “the money.” The teacher unions never mention that private and Catholic school teachers make far less, with far superior results.

What drove GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy was not the bloated salaries for blue collar union workers. It was the gold-plated pensions and free lifetime healthcare that killed the automakers. Wisconsin (and every other state in the USA) faces the same problem with their public employee unions.

Today, a teacher reported retiring at age 55, after working part-time for 5 short years. She gets “only” about $250 per month for life from the taxpayers of Wisconsin. Receiving $250 per month doesn’t sound like much, until you do the math. If this teacher lives to the average age of 78, she’ll be paid over $65,000 in pension. With cost of living increases it probably goes to $75K. Perhaps that doesn’t sound like much. But, when you realize her entire 5-year working salary was $35,000, taxpayers will pay her twice that much in retirement. But what if she lives to 100? Perhaps triple or quadruple her working pay.

Now, think about all the full-time teachers in Wisconsin making $100,000 (or more) who have not paid a penny toward their retirement, but will get handed multi-MILLION dollar pensions for 25 to 40 years of not working.

But, it gets worse. Wisconsin taxpayers also pay all their post-retirement health care costs, and pay for new teachers to replace them. Ever wonder why America is broke, busted and insolvent? That is why.

Here’s the irony. While these government employees get gold-plated pensions and free lifetime healthcare, the taxpayers who are paying their bills struggle to survive.

Why should taxpayers work their fingers to the bone until the day they die to support teacher and other public employee bloated wages and pensions? It’s time for anger and revolt alright. It is taxpayers who need to go on strike!

It’s time for Governor Walker and other Governors across America to invoke Ronald Reagan. The message is simple: “Accept these modest cuts and end abusive collective bargaining by public employees or “YOU’RE FIRED.” And be sure to charge the teachers at the protests who hold fake doctor notes with fraud.

Good luck finding any job in the private sector paying $100,000 (or even $50,000), to work 8 to 3 with weekends, holidays, sick days and two months off in the summer, then retire young with a bloated pension and healthcare for life.

It’s time to stop being polite and politically correct. Rome is burning. The national debt and unfunded liabilities now totals $100 trillion. The clock on America’s survival is ticking. It’s time to invoke Reagan.

Guess what? If Air Traffic Controllers can be replaced, so can teachers, at far lower salaries and drastically reduced pensions. Look at the test scores. It can’t get worse. I bet we can get the same results for 30% less. Heck, bringing in fresh blood with new, creative ideas might improve the results. How can we find out if we don’t give it a try?

Oh, did I mention my daughter, Dakota, was home-schooled and is now a freshman at Harvard? Where’s my pension?

Where’s The Donald when we need him? Wisconsin teachers union — “YOU’RE FIRED!”

That's a good start. Next week, let’s have this same conversation with the all the rest of our government employees.

Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. He is the best-selling author of "The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts." His web site: www.ROOTforAmerica.com

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