Is Devastating Stock Market Crash on the Way?

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As published at Glenn Beck’s site TheBlaze:


By Wayne Allyn Root


Is everyone asleep at switch? Stuck in La La Land? Delusional and detached just like our president? Whistling past the graveyard? Because a combination of my crystal ball and just a little common sense says a major stock market correction is in our future.


Does anyone on Wall Street read the news?


Security experts warn a terrorist attack on America soil appears imminent. Only days ago, the federal government agreed.


Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.


Where would the terrorists come from? Our Southern border with Mexico is wide open for anyone to walk across. Our border is under siege. Obama has no strategy to stop or even slow the invasion of America by desperate poor masses expecting billions of dollars in welfare from cradle to grave. Just the cost of educating the new illegal children in this school year is over $700 million.

America is already bankrupt and almost $18 trillion in debt. Where will the money come from?


Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.


But our unsecured Southern border with Mexico could bring more than terrorism. Ebola is spiraling out of control.

World health experts are quietly preparing for an Ebola pandemic infecting as many as 100,000. If it reaches America’s shores the resulting panic could overwhelm the healthcare system, shutdown commerce, close schools and result in transportation and supply interruptions. All it takes is one infected illegal immigrant crossing into America, after exposing hundreds of others in cramped unsanitary conditions during the border crossing.


Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.


The situation in Ukraine just got much worse. There are over 20,000 Russian troops at border. NATO just proved with satellite imagery that Russia has physically entered Ukraine. The invasion has begun- a worst case scenario.


Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.


EU leaders and military experts are publicly warning this could be headed for WWIII.


Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.


The war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza may have been just a precursor of things to come. It too could lead to World War III.


Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.


Yet all of these threats pale compared to ISIS. ISIS is the game-changer. ISIS is perhaps the biggest threat America has faced since Nazi Germany. And our president admits he has no strategy to combat this threat to our very existence.


Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.


Then there’s the economy. Taxes are so high that companies are running away from America. Take just the latest example, Burger King.–report


My CEO friends tell me virtually every billion-dollar company in America is plotting and planning the same escape. It’s a “jail break.” Everyone in corporate America wants out of Obama’s America.


So do thousands, or perhaps soon tens of thousands, of high-income individuals. Last year an all-time record 3000 Americans renounced their citizenship. As more corporations and wealthy citizens run for the door, who will be left to pay America’s taxes?


Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.


Who will be left to pay our enormous world-record setting debt? The federal debt is up an unimaginable $7 trillion since Obama took office.


A staggering one third of America is now on welfare.


Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.


Where will anyone on welfare find work? 92 million working-age Americans are not in the workforce.


Since Obama became President over 11 million working-age Americans have left the workforce.


20% of U.S. families don’t have a single member who is employed.


Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.


And the citizens who actually still have a job- ie the consumers who buy the products sold by publicly traded companies on Wall Street- aren’t faring too well either.


U.S. jobs pay 23% less than in 2008. That’s an average of $47,000 versus $61,000. That’s $93 billion in lost wages.


The net assets of the average American household are down by one third since 2003…and almost half since 2007.


Small business is in crisis. For the first time in America’s history, more businesses fail each day than startup.


Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.


There is no recovery. That’s just government propaganda. Home sales just plunged for the 10th month in a row.


Retail sales are stuck in quicksand.


Obamacare has caused health insurance premiums to rise more since it started than in the eight previous years COMBINED.


As a result of all this terrible news, should it come as a surprise that consumers are in a foul mood? The latest polls show that Americans are “unhappy, worried and pessimistic.” That’s a bad combination.


Yet the stock market sits at all-time highs.


In the face of all of this, stock prices continue to rise to all-time heights, all based on one thing- the Fed being forced to keep printing fake money so Wall Street and stock investors can get rich on the misery of the rest of us.


Trusted economic guru Robert Schiler’s price-earnings ratio (CAPE) is now at 26.5. That’s the 4th highest ratio since 1881. Throughout history when stocks hit a ratio this high, the result is a 30% (or higher) drop.


Add it up. Delusion abounds. Investors are ignoring history. Danger signals are flashing like never before. America is in severe trouble. The middle class (i.e. consumers) is in shambles. But the stock market keeps just keeps rising to the heavens.


We’ve all seen this story before. It never ends well. The stock market crash of 1929. The Great Depression. The Great Tulip Bubble. Common sense tells me that this time isn’t different.


My gut instincts are at “Defcon Level.” I suspect we are one “Black Swan” event away from either a devastating stock market crash, or a long-term deep decline. I don’t know when it will come. No one can predict that. But history says…Prepare. 


Because it’s coming.

Do We Have a Sociopath in the White House?

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By Wayne Allyn Root

Things aren’t going so well for America. There was major rioting all week in Ferguson, Missouri…there are still no jobs for middle class Americans…our Southern border is still under siege…Obamacare is a disaster…our veterans are dying at the hands of the incompetent VA…ISIS threatens to create a radical Muslim empire in the Middle East…and the world (from Israel to Ukraine to Syria to Iraq) is literally on fire.

Where is our President? On vacation…again. 

This time even the media is whispering. “Where is Obama? Isn’t his indifference to the problems of America and disconnect from reality, strange?” The simple answer is, “No.” This is how he’s been his entire adult life. It all started at Columbia University.

I believe we have a President who is an arrogant, egomaniacal sociopath.

The definition of a “sociopath” is a person with an antisocial personality disorder. They are often well liked because of their charm and high charisma, but they do not usually care about other people. They think mainly of themselves and often blame others for the things that they do. They have a complete disregard for rules and lie constantly. They seldom feel guilt or learn from punishments.

My new book “The Murder of the Middle Class” presents the story in vivid detail. I was Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, Class of 1983. I’ve been trying to tell America about Obama’s “problem” for seven long years now.

By college, a person’s personality, attitude and behavior is fairly well set. That’s why Obama’s Columbia days tell us so much about his behavior as President today. Where was he? Why does virtually no one from Columbia remember the future President of the United States? Why did the future president make an impression on none of his classmates?

Things rarely change. 30 years ago, my classmate was rarely seen. 30 years later, he is rarely seen conducting the business of the presidency. No one should be surprised.

What do I know about Obama at Columbia? Nothing. I had never met him. As I’ve reported countless times to the media, Obama and I shared the same major— Political Science. We were both Pre-Law. It was a small class (about 700 students). The Political Science department was even smaller (maybe 150 students) and was a close-knit group. I thought I knew or had at least met everyone in this department.

But I never met Obama. Never even heard of him. What’s worse, neither did anyone I knew at Columbia. Think about that. Our classmate is President of the United States. Yet he didn’t leave a footprint.

In all my years of publicly questioning Obama’s absence at Columbia, I know of only two possible sightings. Two people called me claiming to be classmates.  One caller claimed that he thinks he saw Obama once in a bar across from Columbia blowing smoke rings. Another called to say he thinks he saw Obama in the cafeteria at Barnard (our sister school for women only).

Two possible Obama sightings in 30 years—one smoking in a bar, the other at a women’s cafeteria. Isn’t that the perfect guy to run your country?

Obama defenders and the media (I know, they’re the same) misinterpreted what I said. I never said Obama didn’t attend Columbia. I said he was never in class—perpetually absent, missing in action. Sound familiar?

Obama acts exactly the same today as President, as he did as a student at Columbia. Obama has always believed himself to be brilliant and better than the rest of us. He’s arrogant and detached. He thinks he’s too smart to have to actually do the work the rest of us do. He’s above it all.  Why attend class? “What could someone as smart as me possibly learn in class?”

It’s the same story today. Obama rarely attends meetings, even with his cabinet. He’s too busy playing golf, taking vacations, or attending fundraisers.

This past February Obama skipped two national security meetings focused on Russia’s potential invasion of Ukraine. He was too busy to attend a meeting about a crisis that could lead to World War III.  (National Security Aides Discuss Ukraine)

Even if Obama wasn’t concerned about Russia invading Ukraine, certainly he finds America’s jobs crisis important, right? Wrong. Obama never bothered to convene one meeting of his own Jobs Council in a full year, even with unemployment and under-employment at crisis levels. (Jobs Council Hits Year Without Official Meeting)

Even more remarkable, within 2 weeks of that story, Obama closed down his Jobs Council—with 12 million Americans still counted officially as unemployed. Jobs Council Shutting Down

So what is so important in Obama’s life? Golf and fundraisers., the non-partisan fact checker, confirmed our President golfed often and attended 106 fundraisers during just a 6 month period where he could find no time, or interest, to attend even one meeting of his own Jobs Council.(100 Plus Fundraisers, Jobs Council Rarely Met)

And, where was Obama the night of the Benghazi attack? Both Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey testified Obama was absent that night. (Obama Talks Only Once Night of Benghazi Attack)

Four brave Americans died while Obama was “absent.” What could be so important that Obama never checked in to ask a question, or discuss a rescue attempt from 5:30 PM ET until the next morning (when everyone was dead)? (Obama Absent Night of Benghazi)

The track record is consistent. Just like his college days, Obama believes he’s too gifted to do the actual work of President. He’s just too busy to have to worry about the plight of unemployed Americans. He’s even too important to worry about young black males killing each other in Chicago, or being shot by police, or serious unrest, rioting and looting in Ferguson, Missouri. He’s got more important things to do than stay in touch as a U.S. Embassy is under attack. Hamas is lobbing missiles into Israel. Who cares? “I’ve got a golf game in the morning.”

To be exact, Obama has played 186 rounds of golf and counting versus Bush’s 24. (Obama: 186 Rounds of Golf)

Does Obama ever work? Sure. Every once in a while he throws a “Beer Summit.”

Nothing much has changed since Columbia University. Not Obama’s personality, not his attitude, not his behavior. Either Obama is detached and just couldn’t care less…or he just doesn’t like America very much, so he’s purposely fiddling while Rome burns. Or, like O.J. Simpson, maybe he’s searching for the answers to all of these terrible crises in the holes and sand traps of America’s greatest golf courses.

This is most certainly “The Murder of the Middle Class.” And the death of America.

I believe we have a sociopath in the White House.

Wayne’s latest book is: “The Murder of the Middle Class.” Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, successful entrepreneur, small business defender, business speaker, Capital Evangelist, and media personality – appearing on over 5,000 interviews in the past five years. Wayne’s web site:


Legendary Business Owner Warns of Economic Collapse

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By Wayne Allyn Root


My new book, “The Murder of the Middle Class” paints a picture of economic devastation throughout America. Because of big government over-reach, onerous taxes, debt, regulations, lawsuits and increased IRS attacks on business, the odds of starting a new business and succeeding have been badly damaged. This is precisely why there is a severe shortage of new full-time, middle class wage jobs. Small business traditionally creates a majority of new jobs, yet small business is under withering attack by the Obama administration, the judicial system and our political class.


I can quote hundreds of factual statistics proving the American economy is in severe decline.  Recently we learned American household wealth has declined by over one third in only 10 years. Over the same time electricity, water, fuel, food and tax costs have soared by as much as over 100%. But why deal with sterile statistics? Let’s go right to the source. Let’s hear the reason for the decline of American business direct from a mega successful businessman who has “boots on the ground.”


Wayne Gorsek is the quintessential American entrepreneur. He has lived the American Dream. Raised and adopted by his grandparents (who lived in a 14×70 single wide mobile home), Wayne started a tiny vitamin company in Springfield, Illinois out of a basement in 1994. Wayne grew his small company into the most successful online vitamin retailer in the world. His company became one of the few in history to earn “INC 500 Hall of Fame” status.  For 15 years, Wayne’s company grew at a remarkable 50% a year pace, thousands of percent over 15 years.


Wayne Gorsek was living the American Dream. He took his company public on NASDAQ in 2009 for a $320 million valuation. Along the way he gave well over 1000 Americans a full-time job with good middle class wages and benefits. Many of his employees and investors made a fortune when his company went public, the average return to investors was measured in thousands of percent. Gorsek retired at the age of 42 and bought not one, but two new private jets and earned two single pilot jet type ratings. His story is a living, breathing example of how capitalism, combined with hard and smart work can produce extreme success for everyone involved.


But today Gorsek has a new story and a message every American needs to hear. Unfortunately, his updated story is proof positive that no recovery is coming, no middle class jobs rebound is possible.


Here is the eye-opening Part II of this story. Wayne Gorsek got bored by retirement and decided to get back in the game. He took about $26 million of his own money and started two new vitamin companies called and (you’ve seen the brand at His company also manufactures Martha Stewart’s new vitamin brand sold at Walgreens.


That’s where the story gets interesting.


Gorsek reports on how things have changed. “It doesn’t surprise me that there are 92 million working-age Americans no longer working and even worse 108 million are now on one or multiple forms of welfare. It doesn’t surprise me that for the first time in history more businesses are failing each day than starting. I’ve now seen the reasons for the murder of the middle class up close and personal.”


Gorsek says things have changed dramatically since he started his first company in 1994 and not for the better. “I have found it three times more expensive and far more stressful and difficult compared to 20 years ago. The differences are stunning. I did not have to risk $26 million of my own money to build a state of the art vitamin manufacturing facility in Las Vegas. I didn’t have to…but I wanted to. I did it to create jobs; to lower vitamin prices and significantly improve the formulations with MADE IN USA vitamins for consumers; and to help turnaround the economy.”


Gorsek continues, “Don’t forget my timing, I made the decision to invest $26 million during the worst economy since the Great Depression. Shouldn’t entrepreneurs and financial risk-takers like me be thanked and rewarded? Instead I feel demonized, denigrated, targeted and punished. Fear and uncertainty of the government is reason #1 why there are a lack of quality full time jobs.”


But Gorsek sees many more problems. “A trillion a year in welfare spending incentivizing people not to work has made it hard to find quality employees. Why work when you can stay home, sleep late and collect dozens of different welfare checks, free food, free cell phones, free healthcare and many other freebies from government…


Then there are the much higher income taxes and capital gain taxes; employment taxes, hundreds of thousands of pages of onerous regulations, fees and fines; plus the lawyer and accounting costs to comply with a maze of city, county, state and federal laws…


Now add in Obamacare, the biggest job killer ever. Because of the massive costs of Obamacare, many employers have no choice but to layoff employees, or create only part-time low wage jobs. When I started my prior company in the 1990s health care costs were $1 trillion per year, they are now at nearly triple that insane level to $2.8 trillion per year.


Lastly the ease for employees to file frivolous lawsuits is truly a disgrace. Lawyers are job killers, but guess who runs government and makes the laws? Lawyers. It just doesn’t pay to risk your money to start a business anymore when the chance of failure is now near 100% and the government has monopolized the wealth and power to the Fortune 1000 companies (because they are the only ones that can afford to “pay to play”).


Gorsek’s advice is simple, if only our political leaders would listen. “If Americans fail to elect politicians that will actually reduce the taxes, regulations and make it harder to file frivolous lawsuits (with loser pay laws), as well as reduce the size and spending of government, while providing incentives for businesses creating the jobs, you will see the continued decline of the U.S. economy, the death of good jobs and the murder of the middle class. We’re staring at the end of the American Dream.”


Priceless common sense advice from a proven business builder and job creator who has tried it twice, and who sees the stark differences in America today. Wayne Gorsek’s conclusion is simple: Because of these changes, the second time around is much more difficult, if not impossible. At this moment in time, the American dream, small business and the middle class are being murdered.


Wayne Gorsek wanted me to end this story by reminding everyone to only buy “Made in USA” brands whenever possible to support those companies creating jobs in the USA.


Here’s How to Impeach Obama…for Consumer Fraud

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By Wayne Allyn Root


One third of Americans want to impeach President Obama.

Although many Republican leaders, like House Speaker John Boehner, think there are no grounds for impeachment, or just not enough evidence to convict, the group that supports impeachment thinks there is more than enough evidence ranging from the IRS scandal, to Benghazi, to Fast & Furious, to various instances of government overreach and violations of the Constitution with Executive Orders.

I believe they’ve all got it wrong. The perfect impeachment charge isn’t any of those. It isn’t even the soon-to-be-charge of violating the Constitution by giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens through Executive Order (rumored to be coming within 30 days).

The perfect impeachment charge is FRAUD. 

Consumer fraud was committed when President Obama knowingly lied, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it.” And “If you like your doctor, you can keep him.” And “Your insurance premiums will not go up.” There is no question Obama knew they were lies when he said them…


This crime has 300 million witnesses. This crime was recorded on television dozens of times. This crime is easy to prove. You can add in all the other scandals, frauds, and lies as Articles of Impeachment 2-10, but Article #1 is the Obamacare lies.

And here’s the important part- this crime resonates with the average American. This crime hits home- it’s costing them dearly (in the pocketbook), and also some with their lives (cancer patients who have lost their insurance). Americans already talk about this crime in their living room and around the kitchen table.

This crime is simple, easy to prove, and easy for the average American to understand. Obama knowingly used fraud, lies, misrepresentation and coercion (by the IRS) to induce Americans to support Obamacare, knowing if he told the truth they would never support it. We the citizens of America are victims of a massive criminal conspiracy. The man at the center of this world-class fraud is Barack Obama.

If you have any doubt this was a criminal act, let’s compare the crimes committed by Obama to those of convicted TV infomercial conman, Kevin Trudeau. Remember him? His 30-minute infomercials ran day and night on cable TV for the past decade. This past February Obama’s own administration convicted and sentenced Trudeau to 10 years in federal prison for knowingly making untrue statements about a weight loss book he was selling.

I don’t question whether Mr. Trudeau is a fraud. I’m sure he got what was coming to him. But Trudeau is a small time crook compared to our President. Obama scammed millions of Americans out of their health insurance, raised prices dramatically (thereby damaging and bankrupting the middle class), killed millions of jobs (ask the Congressional Budget Office about that one) and arguably contributed to a number of deaths (with many more to come).

In my new book, “The Murder of the Middle Class,” I made the prediction that we’d soon hear about sick Americans who died because of Obamacare. The wait is over. Linda Rolain, a Las Vegas woman, lost her battle last month to brain cancer after a 3-month delay due to the faulty design of the Nevada Obamacare exchange.

The government accused Trudeau of lying and exaggerating to sell his weight loss book. Their argument is that he called weight loss “easy” on TV…but then when you actually read the book you found out it’s pretty hard to lose weight. The government argued without the lies, he couldn’t have sold the book and that is fraud.

Isn’t that exactly how Obama sold Obamacare? He knowingly lied again and again. He painted a picture of 30 million new patients, but no cost increases. As a matter of fact he claimed costs would be reduced. He relied on words like “free”… “no cost”… “prices will go down”… “the debt will go down”… “no jobs will be lost”…and “Obamacare will help the economy.” All lies, and he knew it all along – pure fraud. The kind of fraud that results in long prison sentences for private sector CEOs.

The biggest whopper of all: “If you like your insurance you can keep it.” He told this lie while his own internal White House reports showed that up to 93 million Americans would lose their insurance because of Obamacare.

Obama told the middle class a lie to sell his product, because he knew if he told the truth, no one would buy it. How does that differ from Kevin Trudeau?

Like Kevin Trudeau, Obama could never have sold Obamacare to the American people without lying and misrepresenting. But Obama’s fraud didn’t cost us $30 each. Obama’s fraud is costing each of us thousands of dollars per year. Obama’s fraud may add up to the first-ever trillion dollar scam. Bernie Madoff get out of the way. Obama is arguably the biggest thief in world history.

And some of us will lose our lives because of his fraud. Ask Linda Rolain’s family about that.

If Kevin Trudeau deserves ten years in prison, shouldn’t Obama receive a life sentence for the fraud he’s committed?

While it is my personal belief that Obamacare was always the centerpiece of Obama’s purposeful plan to “Murder the Middle Class,” and kill capitalism, there is no possible doubt that legally and constitutionally the lies told by Obama (on camera) to sell Obamacare are an impeachable offense.

Postscript: Day ago, the health insurance policy for my family of six was cancelled by Aetna, who blamed the cancellation on the mandates of Obamacare. Under President Obama my health insurance premium has gone from $500 per month to $1,700 per month. Now it is cancelled.

I can testify as to the fraud committed. I am a witness to the murder of the middle class. Obama must pay. If no business is too big to fail, I think we can all agree that no political leader is too big to jail.

It’s time for impeachment.

I Can Put Obama at the Scene of the Crime

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As published at World Net Daily


By Wayne Allyn Root


My new book, “The Murder of the Middle Class” launched Monday July 14th across America. It’s about how America, the greatest nation in world history, is being destroyed by the purposeful “Murder of the Middle Class” and death of the American Dream. It is not happening by accident, mistake, or coincidence. This is a purposeful plan. This is the greatest conspiracy in world history. 


The ringleader is Barack Obama and I can put Obama at the scene of the crime. 


How can I do that? I was Barack Obama’s classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. You need to know about Obama and his plan to “murder the middle class” To stop it we first have to understand it.


First, at Columbia we were repeatedly told America is a land of “unfairness, inequality, and lack of social justice.” Recognize those words? My classmates proudly called themselves progressives and socialists, even Marxists. They talked about how to dismantle the “power structure”, the rich and the business owners- especially white ones. This is especially interesting since almost all my Columbia classmates were spoiled-brat white kids from the best prep schools in America, where their massive white guilt brainwashing started early.


We were taught to hate capitalism and believe it had to be destroyed so America’s wealth could be redistributed to create “fairness and equality.” Sound familiar?


At Columbia we studied “The Communist Manifesto,” Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and the Cloward and Piven plan to transform America.


In 1981 a student burst through the doors to our political science class and screamed “The President has been shot. They’ve assassinated Reagan”… my classmates yelled, hugged, high-fived, jumped up and down cheered (what they mistakenly thought was) the death of a Republican President. Today those classmates are in government with Obama, or controlling the mainstream media. They may talk about “moderation and compromise,” but remember, 30 years ago they cheered for the death of a Republican President. 


Most importantly, we were taught a simple, but brilliant plan called “Cloward-Piven,” after former Columbia professors Richard Cloward and Frances Piven. The plan called for the destruction of capitalism and American exceptionalism by overwhelming the system with massive spending, entitlements and debt. That would collapse the economy, wipe out the middle class, and bring Americans to their knees, begging government to save them. Sound familiar? It’s the exact plan Obama has been implementing.


We were taught at Columbia a key component of the plan involved fooling the voters by calling yourself “moderate”, never admit your real goals.  We were taught to demonize your opponents, calling them evil, greedy, extreme, radical, and even “terrorist.” Put your opponents on the defense by calling them the very things you are. Lie, misrepresent, and commit fraud because “The ends justify the means.” Obama learned well.


Obama claims Obamacare is about “saving the uninsured”, when its real objective is income redistribution to destroy the middle class. Environmental regulations are to “protect us from global warming,” when its real goal is bankrupting the middle class by tripling utility bills. Immigration reform is always about “protecting innocent children,” when its real goal is to create 12 million new Democratic voters. High taxes are to “create equality,” when they are all about starving Obama’s political opposition. Obscene government spending is always about “helping widows and orphans,” as opposed to creating more debt to overwhelm the system. Higher teacher salaries are “for the kids,” as opposed to enriching teachers unions so they can funnel hundreds of millions to Democrat politicians. Bailing out GM was to “save jobs,” as opposed to saving bloated auto union pensions. 


It’s always about lying to cover-up the real agenda of murdering the middle class, redistributing wealth, and putting big government in control of our every move.  


The key to it all is to “boil the frog slowly,” something we also learned at Columbia.  Set the fire low, so the frog (in this case the middle class) wouldn’t know what was happening until he’s cooked. 


That’s why Obama starts and ends every speech with “I’m here to save the middle class,” while his actions are annihilating them. He’s boiling the frog slowly. By the time the middle class realizes he’s the killer, and we’re the prey, we’ll already be dead. 


So you see, it’s not due to coincidence, incompetence, or even George Bush.  It’s all according to plan.  A plan Obama learned at Columbia. Everything Obama does, and everything happening to the U.S. economy, all started at Columbia. The entire Obama agenda to overwhelm the system, destroy capitalism, and murder the middle class was hatched at Columbia. Obama may not have attended class, but he learned well. He should have received the Karl Marx Award for “Student Most Likely to Destroy America.”


That’s why Columbia matters. You must know your enemy before you can defeat him. Columbia University is a window into Obama’s soul. That’s why I’ve spent the last year writing the “Murder of the Middle Class,” to give all American’s the information and tools to save the middle class and the American Dream.  This fight is just getting started. God Bless America.


What is the Murder of the Middle Class?

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Please enjoy Wayne’s latest commentary on “The Murder of the Middle Class.” And go to Amazon or your favorite bookstore to get your own copy of what is expected to be Wayne’s biggest national bestseller ever! 


Wayne’s blockbuster new book is out TODAY. Wayne starts his book tour in New York and Washington DC all week. He can be seen this morning (Monday July 14th) on “Fox & Friends” on Fox News Channel, the #1 show on cable TV:



What is the Murder of the Middle Class?


By Wayne Allyn Root


My new book, “The Murder of the Middle Class” launches today Monday July 14th across America. It’s about how America, the greatest nation in world history, is being destroyed, plundered and looted by the premeditated “Murder of the Middle Class.” This is no accident, mistake, or coincidence. This is a purposeful plan. This is the boldest, grandest criminal conspiracy in world history.


Although the man at the center of this massive world-class fraud is Barack Obama, there are many moving parts and co-conspirators. These include famous billionaire businessmen, corporate CEOs, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street bankers, central bankers, government employee unions, the IRS, EPA, NSA, the Bar Association, assorted communists and America-haters, and even some well-known D.C. establishment Republicans. It’s quite a shocking list of conspirators.


Lies and fraud are at the center of this “murder of the middle class.” President Obama and various big government politicians need to distract the middle class from their real agenda. Lies are their WMD- weapon of mass distraction.


So they claim Obamacare is about “saving the sick and uninsured”…when the real objective is income redistribution (through higher taxes and higher premiums) to make the middle class poor and dependent on government.


They claim environmental regulations and green energy will save us from global warming…when the real objective is bankrupting the middle class by tripling utility bills, gas bills and grocery bills.


They claim immigration reform is about “protecting innocent children”…when the real objective is to create 12 million new low-wage employees in the labor force…depress middle class wages for generations to come…create 12 million future Democratic voters…and assign all of them lawyers at the expense of middle class taxpayers, to enrich the Bar Association, the biggest donor to the Democrat Party.


They claim higher taxes are to “create equality”… when the real objective is income redistribution and starving the biggest donors to conservative causes and candidates- small business and the middle class.


They claim higher education spending is “for the kids,” …when the real objective is enriching teachers unions so they can funnel hundreds of millions back to Democrat politicians.


They claim bailing out GM was to “save jobs”…when the real goal was saving bloated pensions for auto union members, whose unions kicked back hundreds of millions to Democrat politicians.


The Fed claims quantitative easing is “to save the economy”…when the real goal was making crony capitalist Warren Buffett $12.7 billion richer last year, while the children and unborn grandchildren of middle class taxpayers owe back $17 trillion in debt used to fund a fixed craps game on Wall Street.


It’s always about lying to cover-up the real agenda of murdering the middle class; redistributing wealth; making it impossible for small business to compete with big business; rewarding lobbyists, lawyers and crony capitalists; keeping politicians in office for life; and putting big government in control of our every move.


But the biggest lie of all is when politicians like Obama claim, “It’s all okay. Things are getting better. We’re in a recovery. Look away, there’s nothing to see here.”


It’s not okay. This author was just notified by his health insurance company that my family’s policy has been cancelled. When Obama was elected my bill was $500 per month. Today it’s $1700 per month. But now my family will have no insurance at all, because of Obamacare. Tens of millions of middle class Americans will soon receive the same notice. This is no mistake. This was premeditated fraud upon the middle class.


My grocery bills have skyrocketed. How about yours? My electric bills are at all-time highs. Gas prices have doubled since Obama became president. How can middle class people survive, without becoming dependent on government? Ah, that’s the point.


All this while the economy is in crisis and collapse. The GDP for the first quarter was NEGATIVE 2.9%, one of the worst showings in history, six years after Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus promised to “save” the economy. That stimulus went to Obama’s voters (the poor) and Obama’s donors (the super rich). But the bill (in the form of debt) goes to the middle class for decades to come.


No, things are not alright. Here are just a few of the facts from my new book, “The Murder of the Middle Class:”


China is set to pass America as the world’s #1 economy based on consumer spending. THIS YEAR. It will be the first time since 1872 that America has not been the #1 economy in the world.


For the first time in history America’s middle class isn’t #1 in the world. Canada’s middle class has passed us.


For the first time in American history more businesses are closing each day than starting up.


There are now 70% more Americans collecting entitlement checks than working in the private sector (148 million “takers” vs. 86 million “makers”)… a fact provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.


The average full-time male employee now earns less (adjusted for inflation) than 40 years ago.


20% of U.S. families don’t have a single member who is employed:


Record numbers of Americans are not in the workforce (over 92 million):


The number of working age Americans without a job has increased by about 10 million in Obama’s first 5 years as President. That means each and every year of Obama’s Presidency, 2 million more Americans disappeared from the workforce.


America’s 2nd largest employer is a Temp Agency.


70% of Americans believe we are still in the middle of the economic crisis, or that the worst is yet to come.  And, they are correct.


There is no doubt the great American middle class is being murdered. I’ve spent the last year writing the “Murder of the Middle Class” to give all Americans the information, tools and courage to save the middle class and the American Dream. This fight is just getting started. Get informed and join the battle. God Bless America.


Wayne Allyn Root is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative national media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee, now back to the GOP. Wayne’s new book is <A href=””>The Murder of the Middle Class</a>  Wayne’s twitter:  Wayne’s web site:



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As published by TheBlaze on 6/27/14


By Wayne Allyn Root


Donald Trump is a brilliant guy. I have a way for him to end Obama’s destruction of capitalism and the U.S. economy and save America at the same time. Are you listening Donald?


It takes genius to make billions of dollars in the dog-eat-dog Manhattan real estate world. Donald became the king of Big Apple real estate. Impressive.


But he’s a step above all that. He’s the only billionaire to extend his fame and mega-success into reality television. Trump might make more money from “The Apprentice” than from real estate nowadays.

The Trump brand has increased by billions because of the celebrity factor.


“The Donald” is the world’s king of branding and promotion. But he’s more than a billionaire businessman and branding genius. He’s a patriot who loves his country and clearly sees that Barack Obama is ruining it.


Like me, Donald is one of the loudest, boldest and most outspoken public critics of this President.


Like me, I’m certain Donald understands the terrible decline and disaster of the US economy under Obama is no mistake. It’s a purposeful plan by a radical Marxist tyrant who has always hated America and capitalism- starting in his college days at Columbia University.


What mistake? Obama is the greatest spender in the history of America (and the world).


Obama is the greatest debt creator in the history of America.


Obama has imposed more regulations than any President in history.


And Obama is the greatest taxer in the history of America. Obamacare alone is the largest tax increase ever.


But worse, Obama has tried to impose 442 new taxes that were blocked by a Republican congress.


If he was allowed to get his way, Obama would have turned America into Cuba, Venezuela, East Germany or the old Soviet Union. So the failure of the economy is no mistake. There is a plan. It’s working.


Donald Trump must understand time is running out for America. Obama has 2 years left to finish the job. So how do we stop Obama?


That’s where Donald Trump comes in. It’s time for Trump to play hero. Trump has billions. To him $50 million is a pittance. It’s like pulling $50 from my wallet. It’s time for Donald to put on his white cowboy hat and become the hero that saves our country.


I’m calling on Trump to offer a $50 million reward to any IRS employee (or employees) that come forward with information leading to the impeachment of Barack Obama, or the conviction of his top White House aides. The IRS scandal is the smoking gun. My gut instincts say that the orders to target, persecute, intimidate and destroy critics of the President came directly from the Obama White House.


Obama knew. He was in the middle of the conspiracy. Obama was there when the gameplan was devised. Can he be directly tied to it? Probably not. I’m betting nothing was ever in writing. But his top aides gave the orders to IRS officials. That’s precisely why the emails were destroyed.


No one would have gone to such an extreme unless those emails tied the orders directly to the highest levels of the White House. Just “the dog ate my homework” excuse is so pathetic and embarrassing, it proves that those emails held direct evidence of a White House conspiracy. Why else would smart and important people tell such a pathetic lie? Because the alternative is prison.


I’m betting this Obama/IRS criminal conspiracy was then coordinated by his top aides (Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel). John Gotti could not have thought up a more cunning, vicious crime to punish and intimidate his enemies. Everyone involved must go to prison.


Well let’s test my gut instincts. The IRS scandal is the best shot we have to impeach Obama, destroy his Presidency once and for all, and put a stop to his conspiracy to destroy America, capitalism, American exceptionalism, the U.S. Constitution and Judeo Christian values.


It’s time to play hardball. This isn’t badminton at the country club. The future of America is at stake. Our children’s  future is at stake. This has to end…and end now.


The IRS scandal is the key. Using the IRS to go after political opponents sunk Nixon. It was the second Article of Impeachment.

This Obama-IRS scandal is far worse. Obama used the IRS to go after Christian ministers, pro Israel groups, Pro-Constitution groups, veteran groups, conservative groups, Tea Parties, cancer victims

…and leading media critics like me. Now it turns out IRS official Lois Lerner was targeting a GOP United States Senator


All of this happened while the head of the IRS was meeting at the Obama White House more than any other cabinet secretary. And while the head of the IRS employees union was meeting with Obama personally the night before the targeting began.


But this goes far beyond targeting enemies and trying to silence free speech. Obama had lost in the biggest landslide in modern history in 2010. The Tea Parties had to be stopped. So Obama used the IRS to steal the 2012 election. Then he appointed big Obama donors to head the IRS and lead the investigation into the scandal.

Then the IRS made sure thousands of emails (the key evidence) were destroyed. This is the grandest boldest conspiracy in world history.


It’s also the greatest chance to destroy the Obama Presidency, impeach Obama, and convict his top aides of criminal conspiracy against the American people. Or don’t you remember how many of Nixon’s top aides went to prison? What they did is child’s play compared to this IRS scandal.


Only Donald Trump can make this happen with his money, his mouth, and his celebrity. Offer $50 million. Make the offer so grand that it gets everyone’s attention.


Obama can’t control or spin this one. $50 million will loosen sealed lips. Even Lois Lerner might talk for $50 million. It’s worth a few years in jail to collect $50 million. That’s enough money to get all the rats on the IRS ship to start talking. As they come forward to collect their millions, Obama is history. He will go down as the dirtiest president in history. A man who tried to kill free speech. A man who stole the presidency in order to finish the job of destroying the greatest nation in world history.


Think I’m wrong? Let’s bet $50 million. Let’s see who comes forward. I’m betting the floodgates open. I’m betting this is the end of Obama presidency.


Now it’s time for “The Donald” to get to work. Donald, here’s your chance to save America. Good luck and God bless.


Oh and if Donald wants some partners in the deal, I have a funny feeling Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn are available.



Obama Makes Worst Trade Since American Indians Sold Manhattan for $24

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By Wayne Allyn Root


The Indians were robbed. They were conned into selling Manhattan for $24 of trinkets in 1626.


That was the worst trade in history. Until now.


Obama just got conned, robbed and schooled even worse than the American Indians. Obama’s trade for Sgt Bowe Bergdahl now joins the infamous list of “Worst Trades in History.”


In the sports world there have been many legendary bad trades. Julius Irving. Kobe Bryant. Nolan Ryan. Hershel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings for an entire team of players and draft picks that led to three Super Bowl victories for the Dallas Cowboys.


But the worst sports trade ever was the Red Sox selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees. The Red Sox didn’t win another title for 86 years. The Yankees became the greatest American sports franchise in history. They won 7 World Championships with Babe Ruth.


It was called, “The Curse of the Bambino.”


Executives got fired for those horrible one-sided trades. Teams were embarrassed. Legends were created. Billions of dollars of franchise value was created (and lost). But none of those trades led to danger, disaster or the potential death of thousands of Americans.


Obama takes the cake. He traded one obvious deserter for five of the most cunning vicious mass murderers and America-haters in history. Mass murderers and friends of Osama bin Laden freed by America?


What did we get? A traitor who purposely walked away from his base

…who made comments about his disillusion with America…who may have converted to Islam an taught bomb making skills to the Taliban who went searching for the enemy to surrender to…whose search and rescue cost the lives of 14 heroes (his military brothers).


That’s what we traded five mass murderers for? That’s what Obama broke the law for?

The trades of Manhattan and Babe Ruth are both looking pretty good by comparison.


Keep in mind those five sworn enemies of America…mass murderers all…haven’t even gotten back on the battlefield. Yet.


But when they do, remember they were set free by our own President, to rain hell down on our American hero soldiers. Remember they were set free by our own President to plot a new 9-11 that could kill thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Americans (think dirty bomb).


The world is shocked and horrified. America’s enemies are laughing and high-fiving. Our military is demoralized. Our economy is in free fall. Our dignity and legacy is in tatters. Our reputation across the globe is shattered. One man has destroyed the once great America.


Why did Obama break the law to trade for one deserter? Why would he risk all hell breaking loose for one traitor who cost the lives of six military heroes? Two reasons:


First Obama was desperate to get the VA scandal out of the headlines. He had to change the topic away from neglect and fraud causing the death and suicide of American military vets under his leadership. How better to change the subject and erase the scandal involving abuse, neglect and even murder of military vets than by appearing to be a Commander in Chief rescuing an American military POW. Obama had delusions of grandeur- overnight going from bum to hero.


Second, my sources in military command positions tell me that the CIA reported to Obama that Bergdahl was about to go on global television to denounce America, call our military evil…and do it all in Arabic. Obama would have been humiliated. His narrative of being such a big victor over Al Queda and the Taliban would have been destroyed….in front of the whole world…live on global television.


So here was the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. But it all backfired as word got out of the betrayal by this American soldier…the deaths of 14 of his military brothers…the first words of Bergdahl’s father at a White House press conference were in Arabic

…and the danger that the release of those mass murderers presents.


Forget the humiliation of selling Manhattan for $24. Forget “the Curse of the Bambino.” Forget all the humiliating trades in history. This one takes the cake. Babe Ruth is rolling over in his grave.


This is the “Curse of Barack Hussein Obama.” America may never recover.

Is Federal Investigation of Phil Mickelson, Carl Icahn and Billy Walters another Obama Crime Family Witch Hunt?

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By Wayne Allyn Root


Our nation is under attack. The Obama Crime Family is at it again. They are practicing the art of Chicago thug politics to kill free speech and ban political dissent. No one is connecting the dots. Three high-profile businessmen and media celebrities are being investigated by the federal government. No one has noticed what they have in common- they all just happen to be high-profile Republicans.

This case made headlines all over the world because of the high profile names. One of the businessmen is billionaire Wall Street legend Carl Icahn. Another is golfing legend and Hall of Famer Phil Mickelson. The third is Billy Walters, famed Las Vegas investor and professional gambler. The government loves to go after famous people. It sends a warning about the power of government. It makes 313 million “little guys” shake in their boots. It sends the message that no one can ever win against the all-powerful government.

But everyone is missing the real story here. This is just another witchhunt by the thugs of the Obama Crime Family. It’s another attempt to silence and punish Obama critics and GOP donors. It’s another case of selective prosecution and persecution. The real message here is that high-profile Republicans are to be hunted, investigated, indicted and destroyed.

No one has connected the dots. These three high-profile businessmen are all opponents of the President, critics of his policies and GOP donors. You think that’s a coincidence? Not a chance. There is a 6-year widespread pattern of conspiracy to take down critics and GOP donors. This is just more of the same pattern.

Isn’t it funny that the media hasn’t reported that these three businessmen are GOP donors? Let’s start with Carl Icahn. This Wall Street billionaire gave almost $100,000 in political donations in the last election cycle. The entire amount went to the GOP (including Obama’s opponent Mitt Romney).

Then there’s Billy Walters, a famous professional gambler based in Vegas. He’s made hundreds of millions investing in real estate and golf courses in Las Vegas. But what the media has failed to note is he just recently gave $100,000 to the GOP Super PAC called “The Congressional Leadership Fund.”

Then there’s Phil Mickelson. He was marked for destruction by the Obama Crime Family a year ago when he publicly condemned Obama (and heavily Democratic California’s) high tax rates and threatened to move.

People like Mickelson have to be silenced before his comments inspire “the little people” to pick up pitchforks and start a revolution. I knew it wouldn’t be long before Obama tried to punish Mickelson with some 3-letter government organization. Sure enough the investigation comes from two of them- the SEC and FBI.

To make matters worse (to a meglomaniac like Obama) Mickelson is listed at many sites as a “celebrity Republican.”

And while the famous “Lefty” hasn’t made many political donations, the one federal campaign he donated to was to my good friend JD Hayworth, former ultra-conservative Congressman.

Surprise, surprise. The mainstream media has never made this connection. But these facts aren’t hard to find. Anyone with a computer and Internet access could have Googled all 3 prominent businessmen and found out they are all Republicans and GOP donors. Why didn’t anyone in the mainstream media bother to investigate? Cat got your tongue?

The Obama Crime Family plays by the rules of Chicago thug politics. This is another Obama witchhunt to put the fear of God into Obama critics and conservative donors. Denounce Obama or his policies or donate to defeat him and you’ll find yourself under attack by the IRS, SEC, DOJ, NSA, FBI or some other government organization turned into Obama attack dog.

I was one of the high-profile victims of the IRS attack. But the list is long. Las Vegas icons Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson both found themselves under federal investigation after criticizing Obama.

Dr. Ben Carson was attacked by the IRS after embarrassing Obama at the National Prayer breakfast.

Dinesh D’Souza was indicted.

The Republican Governor of Virginia was recently indicted.

The ratings agencies Standard & Poors and Egan-Jones were both indicted after downgrading the credit rating of America.

Even a cancer victim was attacked by the government for criticizing Obamacare on Fox News.

Meanwhile former Democratic Governor and billionaire Obama donor (and bundler) Jon Corzine “lost” over one billion dollars of his clients’ money, but the DOJ has never prosecuted him.

Not a word. Not a slap on the wrist for taking down one of the oldest and most successful firms in Wall Street history in a matter of days with a billion dollar “disappearance” of funds. On the streets of New York where I come from that’s called theft.

There is a Chicago thug in the White House. America is under attack. The U.S. Constitution is under attack. Free speech is threatened. Fear and intimidation are in the air. The only question is…

Who’s next?


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As published at Fox News


By Wayne Allyn Root


Have you heard? China is set to pass America as the world’s #1 economy. THIS YEAR.


For many years now we’ve been told this day of reckoning was years, if not decades away. We always knew it would come someday. But under the leadership and economic policies of Obama, it’s suddenly jumped way ahead of all previous projections.


What an embarrassment. The USA has had the unchallenged #1 economy in world since 1872 (when we passed UK). 1872. Eighteen hundred and seventy two. Let that sink in for a while.


142 years of world dominance erased in only six years under one man’s leadership.


But wait. As an infomercial pitchman might say, “There’s much more.”


The same thing happening to the economy is happening to the American quality of life. Under Obama, for the first time in history our middle class isn’t #1 in the world. Canada’s middle class is now number one. And the entire rest of the world is catching up fast. Soon we’ll be #10, then #20. How low can we go?


The same thing is happening to entrepreneurs and small business. For the first time in history businesses in America are being destroyed faster than they are starting. Amazing.


Under Obama there are now more food stamp recipients than the number of women working full-time in America.


Under Obama the average full-time male employee now earns less (adjusted for inflation) than 40 years ago.


Under Obama there are now 70% more Americans collecting entitlement checks than working in the private sector (148 million “takers” vs. 86 million “makers”). This isn’t a conservative opinion. It’s a fact provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.


Under Obama the number of working-age Americans not in the labor force is at all-time highs.


Under Obama the labor place participation rate of men is the lowest in history.


Under Obama the labor force participation rate of women is the lowest on record.


Under Obama, the labor force participation rate for young adults is the lowest in recorded history.



Under Obama the labor force participation rate for black Americans is the lowest in history.


Over 800,000 people dropped out of the workforce last month. That’s almost one million Americans who have given up…in a month.


Because millions of the unemployed have given up looking for work, the unemployment rate has dropped to 6.3%. Obama calls that’s good news. Heck at this rate the whole nation might give up looking for a job by the time Obama leaves office…and he’ll report we have reached full employment.


One man- Obama- has done that much damage. So forget the debate over whether Obama is a radical Marxist intent on the destruction of capitalism and America; or whether he’s an inexperienced, incompetent, economically-ignorant megalomaniac.


Does it really matter?


Obama is like the old joke about a dying man lying in the hospital with his wife of 50 years:


Murray is lying on his death bed in a hospital room. His wife Ida sits by his side.


Murray says, “Ida you’ve always been by my side.”

“You were there when I flunked out of college…

You were there when I was fired from my first job…

You were there when I opened a business and it failed.

You were there when I filed for bankruptcy…

You were there when I was paralyzed in the car crash…

Now you’re here by my side as I lay dying of cancer….

I’ve given this a lot of thought…


Ida, darling…You’re a jinx. Get the hell out of my hospital room!”


At some point you just have to conclude that Obama is our jinx. It doesn’t matter if it’s on purpose, or by mistake. The man is ruining our lives, our economy, our jobs, and most importantly, our children’s future.


And by the way, it isn’t just America he’s brought bad luck to. Obama hasn’t exactly been a good luck charm for the people of the EU, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea or Ukraine either.


Obama is quite simply a jinx. Bad news. A storm cloud from hell. A walking disaster. He destroys whatever he touches…


Except for China and Russia. Those two evil empires suddenly turned BFF (best friends forever) are thriving. All of our losses appear to be their gains.


Remember when Obama leaned over and whispered to the President of Russia that after his re-election he’d have “more flexibility” to help Putin out. Don’t look now, but it’s happening exactly as Obama whispered. I’m just surprised he didn’t whisper in Russian.


It seems every country in the world has been badly damaged by the policies of Obama…except Russia and China. Our decline is their shining moment. Suddenly the world is Putin’s oyster. Suddenly our military is a feckless joke, incapable of stopping Russia’s expansion plans. Suddenly our obsession with green energy allows Russia’s economy to soar with energy revenues. Suddenly our economy is stuck in reverse, while China’s economy explodes. Coincidence?


Funny how all this worked out.